JupyterHub is a platform connected to SLURM to start Jupyter notebook as a batch job in order to connect when the allocation has been granted. It does not require any ssh tunnel or port redirection, the hub acts as a proxy server that will redirect you to your notebook as soon as it is available.

It is currently available for Mila clusters and Compute Canada Helios cluster (under PBS)



Login type

Mila Local

Google Oauth

Mila Cloud GCP

Google Oauth

CC Helios

CC login


Do not forget to close your notebook/lab! Closing the window leaves the notebook running.

To close it, use the hub menu and then Control Panel > Stop my server


For Mila Clusters:

Currently you can use your Google account to login and start a JupyterLab.
The authentication process matches your login to your cluster id: => my_username

If the two are different, contact the Mila sysadmins specifying your correct credentials

For Mila Cloud Clusters:

Be sure that you have requested and been allocated access to it. See How do I onboard the Cloud?